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Dona Lou's Goan Cuisine - Authentic Taste of Goa

Welcome to Dona Lou's Goan Cuisine

We strive to bring you the ‘Authentic Taste of Goa’. Our Goan cuisine is dominated by natural aromatic spices, hot, tangy and exotic rich flavours that exemplifies the food of Goa.

Shop our products or order online from our menu of delicious food made from ‘local, fresh and natural’ ingredients. Planning an event, let’s chat and start planning the menu!

Cooking Dona Lou's Goan Pork Chouriço

Try our award winning Goan Pork Chouriço that scooped Gold in the NZ Artisan Awards. These delicious sausages were also in the top 8 Finalists of the NZ Food Awards in 2022.

Dona Lou’s Goan Chouriço, is a Portuguese influenced sausage, also known as chorizo, a signature type of sausage that originates only in Goa. They are handcrafted in small batches, in my little kitchen, made with all natural ingredients, no fillers, preservatives or artificial colours. Each delicately wrapped with a labour of love. A unique, versatile sausage that can be added to pastas, rice, pizzas or curries. 

*Our Chouriço must be cooked before eating. 

Dona Lou's Award Winning Goan Chourico


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