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Goan Chouriço

Goan sausages, also known as chorizo or chouriço, are a signature type of sausage originating in Goa. It is a well-known Goan sausage influenced by the Portuguese and is a cousin of the Spanish chorizo. It is a fusion of Portuguese and Indian flavours, reflecting Goa's rich culinary history. This sausage is unique in that it is made with diced pork meat rather than minced meat which make it different from your regular sausage. The pork is seasoned in homemade freshly ground spices, marinated in vinegar and filled in natural hog casings to ferment that brings you the deep aromatic flavours. They have a distinctive, rich exotic flavour and are known for their spicy and tangy taste to remember! It is handcrafted right here in Aotearoa and proudly shows our labour of love in the sausage. Give it a go and try this very special Goan Portuguese style sausage!

It was chosen in the top eight Finalist in the NZ Food Awards 2022 and Stood out the NZ Artisan Awards 2022 winning the GOLD medal. This surely says something!

Serves 5 People. (Raw uncooked meat). Must be fully cooked.

Ingredients: pork meat(80%) garlic, ginger, spices, salt, sugar, vinegar(barley) and natural hog casings.

All 100% Natural ingredients, no fillers, food colouring, msg or preservatives added.

Allergens: Contains gluten

How to Use: These sausages can be used as an ingredient to flavour curries, stews, rice, pasta dishes, bread or used as toppings on a pizza. It is very versatile and you can be adventurous with it. Make a sausage curry too! Follow Recipe below

Cooking Time: 25mins (for 500gms packet)

Note: Half the time, water and onions if using 250gms

step 1: In a saucepan boil 3 cups of water. step 2: Remove the casings or skin of sausages step 3: Break the sausage meat into small pieces and add to pan. Cook for 25 minutes on medium heat, until water dries up. step 4: Then add 2 large sliced onions and mix well. Fry onions till soft and caramelised.

Ready to Serve with bread, rice, pasta or add to toppings on a pizza.

(Optional- Can also add 2 medium potatoes diced to pan, cook further until potatoes are done).

Storage instructions: Keep refrigerated below 4°C until ready to cook. Once opened use within 3 days or put in freezer. This product can also be frozen.


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